MACO systems

For safety reasons, an uninterrupted supply of power for lifting magnets must always be guaranteed.
This feature is considered a high priority and the company Axima therefore offers a MACO system with a battery backup power supply for lifting electromagnets.

Since it was established, AXIMA has been steadily increasing its manufacturing volume to include designing, manufacturing and servicing power supplies for lifting magnets. Combined with modern technology, our experience guarantees both high quality and reliability of MACO power supplies.

An experienced team of designers and electrical engineers enables us to develop and manufacture MACO power supplies with basic functions, and to successfully fill orders for lifting magnets and equipment based on the technical requirements of our clients. We are always ready to design and manufacture any power source in accordance with your requirements.


MACO systems have been employed in a wide range of industrial applications for operating electromagnets used in handling material.

Power supplies features 

They involve DC voltage for lifting magnets designed to handle ferromagnetic material with the help of a crane.
These power supplies include power and control circuits in high-quality industrial designs. Backup sources are contained inside painted metal enclosures with the dimensions specified by customer requirements and designed to be located and installed on the crane structure. The boxes are a standardized IP 54 enclosure. The setup includes forced ventilation and heating, which ensures a long life span for all equipment used in outdoor environments.

The switchboard panel usually consists of two or more boxes according to the output and includes power safeguards and switches, the PLC Simatic S7 control system, and the battery portion comes with accessories. As a backup power supply, the switchboard panels are equipped with long-life batteries and electric chargers, including automatic backup switching.

The charger provides automatic charging for backup batteries and maintains the batteries in a fully charged condition. Charging takes place according to the IU characteristic, typically described in DIN 41 773/774 and has an integrated power voltage test. The status of the backup battery is relayed to the control PLC. The system is controlled by an operator in the crane cab or by remote radio control. If a power failure occurs during the transport of a load, battery power takes over, with acoustic and visual indication of the switch to backup mode.


Battery features

The batteries are lead acid batteries secured by a pressure valve and designed for stationary use. This type of battery does not have any special requirements for ventilation and maintenance. Because the electrolyte is not in liquid form, these batteries are considered dry batteries and as such, they can be treated as dry batteries for transport and handling.


Integration with the crane

Ensures the safe operation of lifting equipment in combination with electromagnets.

  • The demagnetization function is blocked when the crane is moving
  • The tipping function is blocked when the crane is moving
  • Lifting signal received – switching to maximum performance
  • Lifting sensor – the demagnetization function is blocked before placement of the load
  • The signal “crane move allowed” – the backup source is energized



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